Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Portrait of a Cat

So i get home from work the other day and great the most aggressive member of my family with all the commotion necessary for our daily routine, her thumping tail banging against the oven, the prance of her paws and nails on the slate floor, the flop flop flop flop of her ears as she shakes her head, and of course the jingle-jangle of her pink collar as she dances around. After her greeting, she bursts outside as I barely crack the door.

Quiet calm regains control of the house.

Once I make my entry into the living room, I'm greeted with this visual.....

I seriously think he was thinking, "See how calm and patient I am—regal almost. Don't you want to just take a picture of me in all my cat-like glory? You go ahead and get the camera, I'll wait."

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