Friday, April 3, 2009

Bad Dog

So Sammy has been a very bad dog all week. For some reason, she forgot what it means to be house-broken.

Since she now has the full run of the house during the day , she uses the basement as her own personal port-a-john.

This is frustrating for many reasons:
She is not sick, judging the consistency of the poo we've been forced to clean up all week.
Her/our routine hasn't changed at all (she has held it for much longer periods of time).
We've cleaned up at least 5 piles of poop this week and a gallon of pee
We gave away the kennel so there isn't a way to stop her

Today I closed both the cat and the dog in the basement and locked the door - if you remember, the dog has learned how to open the basement door, hence the lock. My hope is that she won't go to the bathroom if she has to be down there with it all day.

This is why I'm not so interested in posting the cute Sammy videos.

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