Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Laser Light...

And the video's continue...

Today, we get a glimpse of Sammy with the laser light. I must preface this with a description of how crazy she gets over the laser light. She gets wild-eyed and determined. The dog will slam her head into the wall to try and catch the mysterious light. Nothing will stop her from trying to get the light that can't be got.

Once we are done playing with the light, she can't let it go. She stares at the stick that the light comes with her ears perked and at attention, waiting, willing the light to reappear. If you move towards where the laser light has been placed, she jumps to attention.

We have had to ban the use of the laser light in the house because of the destruction. Her paws scrape craters in the hardwood and her mouth slobber stains every surface she jammes her nose into.

So why do we torture her so? Just watch this video and see how cute she is. (the end is the funniest where she pounces).

Oh and this is the only laser light video we could capture because she typically moves too fast for my poor videographer skills.

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cheryl said...

These videos are great, can you make them longer?