Friday, September 26, 2008

Puppy's are cute .... until they get sick.

I know, some of my earlier posts show great pictures of my cute Sammy. To get the real picture, I probably need to upload a video. I'll work on capturing one that shows her true spirit.

To all of you dog owners out there - I know you can relate. To all the non dog owners, you are smart and probably live in clean house. This story may disgust you, sorry. Most importantly, to all the potential dog owners. The people that love puppies and their soft fur, slobbery kisses and spunk - WARNING TO FOLLOW.

She may look cute but she can be NASTY.

Sammy went through a phase where she caught every stomach virus imaginable. It was bad. Fiance and I would come home, run to her kennel with our fingers crossed - please say she was able to hold it! To often we were dissappointed. You couldn't help but feel horrible for her. She didn't want to be in her own filth, she couldn't help it. We took her to the vet so many times my wallet was in more pain than she was.

It was getting to the point where we couldn't keep up with the shit (literally). I was so stressed at work (what else is new) and Fiance was sick too. I came home to find him moaning on the couch. When I went to check on the dog there was runny brown shit all over the basement carpet, the kennel AND the wall behind the kennel. I am not faint of heart but the shear mass of it made me want to cry.

Muttering under my breath at my luck to have both a sick boyfriend and pet, I filled a bucket with soapy water and heading to my poop prison.

It was two steps down the stairs before my feet came out from under me.....The soapy water went vertical and I tumbled down the stairs. Standing bruised and battered at the bottom of the stairs examining the diahreha covered carpet, I sobbed.

I sobbed as I scrubbed each section of the floor. WHY DID I WANT A DOG? WHY, WHY, WHY.

The sickly fiance wobbled to the top of the basement steps to check on me. He started gaging from the smell and his own virus - Tear stained I screamed at him "GO AWAY, I can not handle cleaning up your vomit on top of this!"

I can laugh at it now but potential dog owners - Don't let those puppy dog eyes fool you!


Anonymous said...

Awwwww. But look at those big puppy dog eyes!!

Linda said...

I can totally relate to this - we gave Chino a marrow bone and came home to find piles or should I say puddles of loveliness all over the floor. The smell hit us in the face - but like you, I felt so bad because it was obvious he tried to get to the door...

Dog is cute and I love him to death, just not one of my better ideas :o)

Nick Lollo said...

Great post - it should be printed out and hung on the door of all animal shelters!! I too have cleaned up liquid turds....thankfully, I had a "spot scrubber" to use. Come to think of it, our spot scrubber has only been used to clean up dog shit!!