Friday, September 12, 2008

Momentary Love Affairs


Right now, right in the peak of the corn season, I could eat corn on the cob for every meal—Slathered in olive oil and sea salt after boiling on the stove or charred black from the grill and rolled in margarine specked with herbs.

The fresh corn right now is available in such abundace, I am expecting my overindulgence to last me through the winter. Fiance tells me that Native American’s had problems with their diet because they ate too much maize (I don’t really hear him over my excitement for my next indulgence). Seriously though, besides the tons of butter and salt I slather on each ear, how bad can it be.

I prepare my corn with a meticulous routine. First the butter or olive oil – whichever I fancy that day, it is drizzled or spread on with one hand while the other hand rolls the ear for even distribution.
Second the same process is used for the salt, one hand spins the ear while the other hand sprinkles the salt.

Each bite releases the tiny kernels into my mouth. Like a typewriter my teeth chomp down the ear. Once the kernels are released into my mouth, more joy. They are plump and burst in my mouth.

How sad I am when the ear lays naked on my plate. I am tempted to pick it up and suck the remaining salt and butter off – Looking at Fiance for approval, he laughs and shakes his head – OK I suck on what’s left of the ear - The sweet and salty joy

I even love the corn fiber that gets stuck in my teeth. For hours I pick it out and remember the satisfaction received from that Ohio Sweet Corn.

I usually end up some time in winter buying corn on the cob and being deeply disappointed in the quality because it isn’t the same just picked yesterday local product I’m used to. That is how my love affair will end until I’m reunited next year.


Anonymous said...

I have actually read a theory about Americans and their generalized obesity has everything to do with corn consumption. (Corn Starch/Corn Syrup/etc.) Although, you're eating it in it's most natural form, and only a few months out of the year, so it's totally different. I say ENJOY! And I also think you're nuts because I HATE picking it out of my teeth! But, mmmmmmm it is delicious. I say next doggie date we do just corn for dinner. :)

Nick Lollo said...

I share your love affair with corn on the cob....I would eat it with every meal of the day if I could!! I haven't tried it with olive oil though so I need to do that.

Anonymous said...

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