Monday, January 27, 2014

Back to Work

Full disclosure, I'm not back yet. Wednesday is the big day. Right now I'm at home, warm on my couch, listening to the rythmic ticking of the swing that Maggie is snoozing in. The past three months are a blur. I think that Hubs and I took the addition of another child in stride. We are now in man-on-man defense. He takes Caroline and I take Maggie. The boob necessitates that I be in close proximity to the ittiest bit.

It seems like my maternity leave flew by. I think all the events and holidays enhanced that perception. We had Thanksgiving at the Morgan's house, cookie baking at Bubby and Grandpa's house, Christmas at home, Caroline's 2nd birthday, the girls first overnight in Cincinnati with Quinn and of course a celebration of the start of it all, our anniversary.

Listing it all out, I realize I've been sick for some of the bigger events. On Christmas, the whole family came down with a nasty cold, even Maggie. And then for our Anniversary, I was down with another cold. Luckily they've just been some colds, easy enough to fight through.

I had so much to write about, but no time to actually compose my thoughts and put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard).

Maggie is such a good baby. She only cries when there is something wrong. And the smiles. She smiles all the time at me. She even coos and talks to me. I could snuggle with her all day.

Caroline has been a good big sister. Interestingly enough, she's helpful but not overly engaged with Maggie. She knows who she is and will help me when I need something, but generally ignores her. I'm sure that will change as Maggie starts to engage more and gets moving.

Sooo, I'm heading back to work. There is a part of me that is very excited to get back to it. To put my brain to work. But of course there is this other part of me that wants to fight very hard to stay here, on my couch, cuddling my baby girl all day. Luckily we LOVE our babysitter so I have no concerns with that. I just know how fast the time goes, how fast she'll grow while I toil away at work.

I'm sure the next year will hold all kinds of challenges but for now, all is well with us.

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