Friday, July 12, 2013

Dear IttyBit

Your dad named you IttyBit last night and I like it.

I can’t believe you are already so big. This pregnancy was so slow at first, but now I only have 3 and half months left. I haven’t even STARTED on your room. I have been mentally preparing for you by looking at pictures of newborn babies and reminding myself how big your sister is. Its amazing how much I’ve already forgotten about having a newborn, the breastfeeding schedule, the bottles, the lack of sleep.

I have planned to have your sister go to the sitter while I’m home with you, so we can have our time together, our time to heal after delivery, our time to bond.

I wonder how Caroline will handle your arrival. I point to my belly and say baby. She thinks it is a game and pushes her finger into my belly button with a big smile. She just thinks I’m the Pillsbury dough boy!

Your dad had a dream the other night that you are a girl. I think this surprised him because he’s been guessing you are a boy. I was so wrong with your sister, that I’m not even wagering a guess.

You are kicking me all the time now. It makes me happy, except when you lodge a limb somewhere painful. Your sister was sick this week and as she slept on us, it seems your kicks were directed at her. A sign of things to come, I’m sure.

I’m a little scared of being a Mom to two little ones. It seems like I’m just getting the routine down with your sister. Please be patient with me little one. I love you very much and will do my best to ensure you are happy and healthy.

Love your momma!


Anna said...

You are a great Momma!

Hubs said...

Itty Bit!

Hubs said...

Indeed she is!