Friday, November 16, 2012

So tired.

6 AM has become my new 8 AM. You  know, the time your body wakes you up on the weekends because you are so used to getting up. The time that if you didn't have a baby, you'd ignore and snuggle back into bed.

That's 6 AM for me now , with the exception that I don't have the choice to ignore it on the weekends or on days off. That thought really made me sad as I was driving to work this morning. I really shouldn't have been thinking about anything though because I was too tired to drive AND think about something other than driving.

How many years before I can sleep in again? 5? 10!!!?

It shouldn't be a big deal to be introduced to a new wake up time. I get a lot done in the early morning hours, and Caroline is at her happiest. BUT a new wake up time means a new bed time, even on the weekends. We can get a sitter and go out with our friends, but alas, my eyes are drooping by 10:00 PM.

All of this is a plea to my friends, please don't leave me! I know, I know, my schedule is reminiscent of a 80 year old man. But I'm still here and ready to play. Let's just do it in the daytime, K?


Anonymous said...

When I'm not pregnant anymore we are going to day-drink the shit out of a day that I'm home.

Linda said...

I'm with you!!!!! 110%.