Thursday, November 29, 2012


You all, I'm a little freaked out about EVERYTHING going on in the next month. I'm throwing a baby shower for Mo this weekend (so excited). I'm going to Chi-town with Momma T next weekend. Then there are two weekends before Christmas. That means shopping, decorating and enjoying the FIRST CHRISTMAS we have with our baby girl. I JUST started crocheting her stocking last night - you'd better believe my fingers were flying.

And if that isn't enough, 5 days after Christmas we are squeezing the whole family into our teeny-tiny house for Caroline's 1st birthday. That means after the hurricane of wrapping paper, food, travel and general merriment, I have to jump on major cleaning and party organizing.

Think I'm crazy yet? No? Well how about two days after her birthday, Husband and I leave for a 5 day vacation. That means we need to get the baby girl packed and ready to stay with my family. I haven't even thought about what a mess I'm going to be leaving her for that many days for the first time!!!

At this rate, I'm going to be lucky to remember to put my pants on in the morning. I want to post many things in the next month, but they might have to wait until January.

I want to show some of my recent crochet projects - including on special baby shower gift.
I want to post a couple pics of my baby girl through the year - she's grown so much.
I want to wish you all Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Just in case I forget any of the above, just pacify me and pretend I did it all with grace and style. Thanks!!

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