Monday, May 21, 2012

Time Flies

My little girl is growing by leaps and bounds right now. I put her in some 6 month clothing and I’m surprised that they are almost too small! We had a very busy weekend. First we went to visit the Harpsters and the Halons on Friday night. Caroline was having so much fun that she decided she didn’t want to sleep. Instead, she visited well past her bed time.

Saturday we had my cousins wedding in Cincinnati. It was a whirlwind because Hubs was in the wedding. That meant I had to drop him off early and try to get the boogs and me dressed and to the church on time. We just barely made it before the bride walked down the aisle! The reception was fun but before we could bat an eye, it was well past the baby girl’s bedtime again. We departed to Uncle Meg’s house for the night. Uncle Meg and I were whipped.

The next morning we went for brunch with Bubby and headed home.

In the car on the way home, I was reflecting on how different life is now, how different the night went verses what I expected. Times like this I see how babies change things. Don’t get me wrong, none of this change is bad, just different in the way time is spent with my family. No longer drinking and dancing late into the night, I’ve traded cocktails for coffee and hangovers for sleep.

Ok, on to what you are really here for….some pictures of the baby so you can see how much she’s growing.


Trying food for the first time


With Jazzy Jay

And one of Biscuit because she completed her first Half Marathon this month!!! GREAT JOB BISCUIT

Next post I'll include some pics fromt this past weekend of Q and Caroline together.

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