Friday, May 25, 2012

Dear Caroline

To My Dearest Baby Girl (AKA Puss Puss),

I can't believe you are almost 5 months old. It is AMAZING how much you've already grown, learned and developed in these few months. You are already rolling over, smiling, laughing and generally melting my heart on a daily basis.

My favorite part of the day is getting up in the morning. I hear you babbling in the monitor and go downstairs to see you. Of course I get interrupted on my way to your room by the oh-so-demanding diva cat. Franklin INSISTS I deviate from my path to give him some drips from the tub. I turn on the faucet, so I can focus all my attention on you.

Once in your room, I peer into the crib. You stop, looking at me like I caught you doing something wrong. There is a second delay before you give me that big toothless grin and giggle. And my heart explodes from joy.

We go about our morning routine, stopping intermittently to smile at each other.

It is so hard to believe that you've only been around for 5 months! People say it only gets better, but I can't imagine how.

Your Momma


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Mandy Terrett said...

She is a lucky little girl to have a momma like you!