Friday, April 20, 2012

Stories for C

Entertaining my daughter has become my favorite past time. She listens intently to my stories with rapture. It makes me feel very interesting.

I tell her that she is Princess Caroline, daughter to Queen Momma and the King of Reis Ave. I explain to her that the King and Queen wanted her so badly, but had to wait years for the beautiful princess to be born. I tell her how special she is.

I also must tell her about her adopted siblings and the kingdoms from which they hail.

Prince Franklin used to reign over the kingdom of waterfalls. The waterfalls all dried up so Queen Momma and the King of Reis Ave adopted him. As you know, he loves to drink water. His favorite is drips from the sink. This is because he misses his kingdom and the plentiful free flowing fresh water, so we comfort him with drips. We try not to get mad when he knocks over all the water glasses...

Princess Sammy is from the land of Sunshine. In her native land, the sun always shines bright and the breeze is cool. Princess Sammy can usually be found laying in the sunshine, reminiscing about her home. She also likes to chase the reflection of her collar from the sun. She is always chasing the sunshine.

Then there are other characters that Miss C has come to know, like Jazzy Jay. Jazzy Jay is not the best influence, but he sure is entertaining. He is a lion that entertains princess Caroline before bed. His bad habits have left him with a raspy voice (too many cigarettes) and songs/stories about late nights in the club. He doesn't come around during the day because he's always too hungover. He told Caroline just last night that he drinks the Jack and smokes the crack!! Like I said, not a good influence, but she sure likes his stories. We might have to get him into rehab.

I have to remind the King of everyone's backstory on occasion - his memory isn't as good as the Queen Momma.

Do you have any interesting characters at your house that I should tell Caroline about?

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