Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Poor Poor Puppy

As if going back to work and leaving my new baby girl behind isn't hard enough on it's own, Sammy threw a wrench into the mix. Last Sunday she was playing in the back yard and hurt herself. We don't know what she was doing but she came hopping up to Hubs, weight dispursed among three of her four limbs. The fourth hind limp was hanging limply at her side. Hubs and I checked her up and down for surface injuries. There were none.

We took her to the vet to discover that she tore her ACL and needed surgery to regain the use of her leg

Wait. Hold on a second. Let me repeat that for you

She tore her ACL and needed surgery

Why did I need to repeat that? Because it cost so much effing money that I have to write it twice.

Life throws you curve balls  I guess. So the past week has been sheer craziness with Hubs and I tag-teaming the baby car and dog recovery. With all of Sammy's meds and strict instructions to keep her calm (DO YOU KNOW MY DOG?) she required exponentially more attention than Caroline.

Things I've learned about Sammy during recovery
1. The vet must be crazy for suggesting SHE remain inactive for 6 weeks. See 4 and 5

2. She HATES the cone that she must wear to ensure she doesn't lick her stitches

3. If you can get her in the cone, she will only move forward. Because she won't back up, she sometimes ends up stuck in the corner of the room. see number 4

4. She is strong and determined sometimes requiring both me and hubs to hold her down, pick her up, administer meds. There have been times when we have our hands full of Sammy's resistance and Caroline decides to start crying. Where are the extra hands I ordered from Amazon?

5. She is set in her ways. Even though we moved her food up to the level where she is quarantined, she still attempts to runs downstairs  to check where her food used to be.

6. She hates being iced down - see number 4

7. Peanut Butter is a Godsend for getting Sammy to take the myriad of pills prescribed. Now she knows the sound of the peanut butter jar being opened.

Luckily she is done with one of the 6 meds she is on and the stitches come out on Sat. The bruising is already looking better. Our only concern now is keeping her calm so she heals properly and doesn't injure the OTHER LEG!


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