Thursday, April 28, 2011

National Infertility Awareness Week - Day 3

This week I'm honoring National Infertility Awareness week by sharing the one way I've been able to remain positive throughout this journey, letters to my future baby.

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Dear Baby,

Well baby, this wasn’t the month for us to meet you. It is better this way though. As long as you spend the proper 9 months in the oven, I will qualify for maternity leave. It will be a better financial situation for all of us. I’m going to take this month to get healthy so everything is good and ready for you baby. I’m also going to schedule the appropriate Doctor’s appointments so we can get everything checked out. If we can’t conceive you, we need to know so we don’t lose time trying to adopt you. I’m open to all the potential ways you may come into our lives. We are getting ready for you.

We saw a friend’s baby yesterday. She was asking all about you. Why you are not here yet? Why we are not talking about all our efforts to find you? She made me mad baby. She doesn’t understand that this is going to happen on YOUR schedule, not ours. I was upset about this because she made me question my efforts and process.

I need to let it go. She doesn’t know how hard it is to wait for you. She may have her own struggles that I don’t understand. I went to see your Aunt Biscuit and she was so supportive. She listened to me be angry, sad and finally helped me rediscover my confidence. You will love her baby. She is almost as impatient as I am to meet you. It would be great if you were here to see her wedding!

Oh baby, we have so much planned for you. Your dad and I have so much fun together. It almost makes me sad that you aren’t here to experience it and play with us.

We love you!


Mandy Terrett said...

Thats right baby!

jenna said...

your letters are beautiful and you and jonathan will be fantastic parents someday! ;)

monkers27 said...

that was so moving. baby is going to lucky!