Wednesday, April 27, 2011

National Infertility Awareness Week - Day 2

As I mentioned yesterday I'm honoring National Infertility Awareness week by sharing the one way I've been able to remain positive throughout this journey, letter to my future baby.
To learn more about infertility and how it affect 1 in 8 couples visit

I should add a caveat that these letters were all written in the previous 6 months and represent the roller coaster of emotions I'm always trying to curtail.

Dear Baby,
Oh I hope my uncomfortable cramps are you…. Your dad and I got into a fight last night because I told him I’m pregnant. He is doesn’t want me to be sad if it’s not true. He hates to see me sad. I tried to make him understand that I’d rather fantasize about how great it will be. If this is not the month, I will be sad, but I am still full of hope and anticipation.

Plus I feel little twinges. Is that you baby? Are you trying to let me know that you are growing? I will take a test this weekend and see...

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