Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hot Dogs

So in light of last week’s uber serious post, I thought I’d let you know how irreverent our lives typically are.

The scene: Husband and I were going to go to grab dinner last weekend, but instead we drove past the movie theater and decided to abandon our previous plan and instead see a movie (LOOK MOM, I’M BEING SPONTANEOUS). On our way to the movie we concur that dinner will have to be composed of popcorn, candy and soda. No complaints here. So there we are in the concession stand line when I decided to get a hot dog too. We were already spending more on food than on the movie, what was one more item. That is when Husband added commentary regarding my choice.

Husband: you really love your hot dogs (I’m sure this was husband making a bad pun but I choose to ignore it.)

Me: I do! Why do you think hot dogs get such a bad rap? I mean, people talk about how they are made up of lips and assholes. I get that they aren’t made from the prime cuts of beef or pork, but who cares? Isn’t it important to not waste? Because I think hot dogs are a good use of the ‘other stuff’. Besides, they TASTE GOOD. Seriously, why do people hate on hot dogs so much?

Husband: that sounds like a blog post.


Marci said...

come on people - lets hear it for the hot dogs!

Mandy Terrett said...

looks like no one loves wieners as much as marci!

monkers27 said...

You will be so proud to know what is in my fridge! I'm eating like a 12 year old again. However i graduated to the upper cuts. Let's hear it for Hebrew nationals.

I hope this phase doesn't last long.

wala lang said...

hotdogs are hotdogs. period. we from the philippines eat it too. especially during children's parties, and yes, while watching movies. they are fun to eat. actually i had one last night before meeting some friends. convenient, fast and filling. and i enjoyed it.