Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A shoestring way of life

Recently, due job changes and exciting new ventures, Husband and I have found ourselves living as a one income family. I’m sure, in this economy, we aren’t the only ones experiencing the downsizing.

Our income has been cut in half, resulting in some interesting attempts to save money:
Entering more contests, which already paid off thanks to Lodge Cast Iron.
Driving to Sonic and sitting in a drive-through line for a half an hour for ONE free root beer float
Buying the animals store-brand food. We even bought Sammy a 50LB pound of discontinued dog food for $12!
Dollar theater movies
Dinners of Mac and Cheese and frozen pizzas – Healthy is expensive.
Using any and all credit card rewards for necessities
Packing lunches
And the most pathetic new trend, mooching off my younger, less-than-wealthy-but-oh-so -generous sister

You all better be excited for some homemade Christmas presents.

Here’s hoping my haircut will last a few extra months. I’ve considered selling my iPod for a new pair of JEANS!


Mandy Terrett said...

you don't mooch off me! I mooch off you! Let's be broke together!

Mo said...

All I need for Christmas is a big hug and smile.