Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hurt Puppy Paws

As tempted as I am to just post this picture with a one-line comment, I heard from monkers that she gets pretty mad when I cop out that way.

After Sammy played so hard she ripped her pads, we were trying to keep her from re-opening the wounds. You'd wake up in the middle of the night to hear her lick, lick, licking.

Those socks coupled with the hardwood floor left her scrambling. So picture this: Sammy unwilling to get up because she can’t keep her footing. Husband and I calling her with treats so we could watch her slide all over. Finally, she would stumble towards us only to stop and try to bite off the offending socks.

After being thoroughly entertained, we took the socks off and let her take care of herself. We just check them every once and awhile to ensure they were clean. Her paws are all better—at least until her next opportunity to run wild.


Linda said...

Is this why husband asked for new socks for his birthday?

Anonymous said...

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