Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lodge Cast Iron

So, I'm all about social media—exploring the development of things like twitter. Anyone on twitter knows companies and brands are exploring the space as well. This has benefitted me greatly. Lodge Cast Iron, in an attempt to get the word out about their social media initiatives, launched a sweeps on twitter.

Being that I follow some foodies, I heard about the sweeps and entered.

I WON! I won a 5-piece cast iron set. Some of you may not care, but this benefited me in two ways. First, FREE CAST IRON! Second, being broke, this presented a great B-day gift for someone else who loves cast iron, Biscuit.

I made fried chicken last night in my NEW cast iron and invited Biscuit and Nick Nick over to enjoy. This is when I presented her with her gift - the cast iron dutch oven, complete with handle. Her response was just what I was hoping for "fuck yeah!".

Lucky day to me, Happy birthday to Biscuit, and Fried Chicken for the family all thanks to Lodge Cast Iron!

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Netter said...

Congrats on your winning! I look forward to following your blog.