Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rain, fireworks and a crazy neighbor.

Despite the rain, we had a great 4th of July party as usual. My family showed up early to help me set up, brought me some great new patio furniture and spent some quality time. Husband’s family followed a little later in the afternoon.

The friends started to crowd the back yard not long after the burgers were put on the grill. The food was fantastic (probably because I didn’t make any of it). Biscuit was the chef of the event.

One of Husbands very intoxicated friends decided to prune our peach tree, Burt. I stormed over to make him cease and desist, but not before he hacked away some of poor Burt’s lower limbs. I couldn’t believe it. Imagine me showing up at a party and deciding the living room should be painted another color. Then I get out the paint out and apply a few brush strokes! The audacity of some people!

The rain was mostly a steady drizzly, not enough to force anyone to leave but enough to warrant a dry haven. Thanks to Husband’s cousin for supplying the BAC (Big Ass Canopy) that kept us dry on the deck.

As always the fireworks show was great. Especially considering the boys didn’t buy any new this year, they just used leftovers from years past. – Hoping to get pictures from biscuit.

The fireworks were what brought the cop around. He was very friendly, just telling us about a complaint. Not long after he left, the complainer emerged from her house, two doors down and started screaming at us. Guess the cops being called wasn’t enough. As we tried to make peace, the scene just got strange, too weird to publish.

Late night the drinking got serious – I actually was the last one awake at 4am. Even more uncharacteristic, I was nursing a bottle of Jim Beam. Guess I didn’t want the dreaded hangover to start yet.

A big shout out to my sisters who truly are my best friends in the whole world. It wouldn’t have been fun without you. Love you!


Mandy Terrett said...

so much fun!!! wouldn't have missed it for the world! pics are comming!

monkers27 said...

Oh, I love to you too.