Monday, December 8, 2008


OK so I told myself from the beginning that I wasn’t going to blog about my job. I didn’t want there to be a chance I said something I shouldn’t, bitched too much about someone, or ruined my chances of ever becoming a SERIOUS professional. Please keep your laughter to a minimum.

One of the things I’ve seen in my job, is the power of retouching photographs. While I do not posses this talent, I have seen the wonders it does to pictures. So much so that when we had bio pictures taken today – I requested they use the one from last year that Mo retouched (thanks Mo!). But no – we have the power but are not allowed to use it for good – boo.

This week for example, we were working on releasing a file with a picture of a woman in athletic wear. In retouching, her boobs were enhanced by a good two cup sizes. She was hot before but after that, she looked plastic – Maybe the look they go for in LA.
Luckily, someone came to their senses and deflated them slightly.

Now when I see pictures of myself I’m not mad at how I look (not totally), just mad I don’t have the retouching skills of some of my peers!


Anonymous said...

LOL. I can secretly retouch the bio photo for you and you can turn it in. "No, this isn't retouched, please use it for my bio, k. Thanks."

Linda said...

I missed picture day and haven't been caught yet. That's probably bad because that means the picture that she does have is the one from the move...ick.

Anonymous said...

Don't be mad you lack your peers' talent for retouching, 'cause you have mad talents they can't even touch!

In my opinion, you don't need retouching. You are beautiful.

I'm not really into that plastic L.A. look anyways ;)