Friday, November 7, 2008

The Battle

For the past couple weeks, Fiance and I have been facing a loosing battle with Sammy. It began when we decided to give her free reign of the house, while we were at work. She can finally “hold it” long enough and doesn’t destroy anything.

The reason I always resisted letting her out all day – besides the ‘accidents’ was the fear she would make herself comfortable, be it on the couch, chair or our bed.
I grew up in a household with dogs but they were never allowed on the furniture, so I still subscribe to that mentality. Sammy does not.

We never actually catch her on the couch, which makes it almost impossible to teach her its not allowed. When we are home, she doesn’t even act as if its an option. But, I suspect, when she hears the key in the door, she jumps down from the couch and makes her way to greet us.

After a couple days of noticing a round imprint in the couch, I would look closer and see the tell-tale evidence of her fur in a nice snuggly circle.

So my battle began –
I started by pushing the coffee table up to the couch. Didn’t stop her.

I rolled all the cushions forward. She lied on top of them.

I piled boxes and books on the couch – thinks that would not be comfortable to lie on. She nudged them aside and squeezed in between everything.

I put foil on the couch – she pulled it off.

What I can’t figure out is why my parents never seemed to have this problem with their dogs.

Today, pending guest this weekend, I gave up. She is back in the basement all day with the door shut, pending a better solution.

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Scat Mats!!