Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The people have spoken-all five of them

So the votes are in and 60 percent of you want to hear about wedding planning. I’m curious about the identities of these three people, because day-to-day, I talk way too much about the wedding.

But here goes – The plans are coming together. We progress through the multitude of lists that I produce. We cross off one item at a time, when we aren’t inturrepted by life. By life I mean, our jobs, broken cars (shi shi), fantasy football (for both of us), Monker’s wedding (big sister), and birthdays (one of us is turning the big 3 0 and its not ME).

I am a big list-maker, always afraid I’ll forget something important. At Monker’s wedding I’ll probably be taking notes. She is a great hostess. Without a doubt she will have thought of things that I never would havel.

The next things on the list are:
Registering – Tried to do this once but ended up in a fight, making a scene at Macy’s.
Finding a DJ – Fiance is working to find a band but I don’t think we have the budget.
Honeymoon Plans – Tickets are purchased, now need agenda and hotels. Costa Rica here we come.
Guest list – have to hear from the parents who they want to invite. This was one of the hardest parts. We want to invite everyone we know but it all comes down to MONEY.
Invitations – have to go to the paper store to find the least expensive way to produce
Wine/Beer – Monker’s is helping us secure the drinks so after she gets back from Spain, we’ll sit down to figure out what to order.
Bakery – We aren’t into the whole cake thing. Too practical to spend that much money on something that looks good and we shove in each other’s face. BUT I have a fierce sweet tooth so we’ll serve sheet cake.
The list goes on and on but those are the next steps to get done.

My biggest stress about all of this is that I’m going to forget something very important. Case and point is the dream I had last night. In the dream, I was going to get ready for the wedding and I had forgotten to get my dress altered. We drove around frantically looking for a seamstress that could fix it in under a couple hours (yeah right). No one could believe I was that stupid – forgetting something like that. Not to mention the dress size I ordered is huge because my waist is so big (this is true and part of the dream).

Its a lot of pressure planning a party this big. Sometimes I go on tirades about how much things cost but at the end of the day I am so excited to be married.

Oh by the way, Fiance said he is most exciting about running around shouting “where in the hell is my wife”.


Barracuda said...

If you do wake up that day and have forgotten to alter your dress - call me. I can work miracles in fabric. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Lucky for you, you have friends that will bend over backwards to help you with anything you may have forgotten. Between all of us, you know we'll get it all done, and the party will be FABULOUS!!

Linda said...

I'd like to request an elaboration of the registering at Macy's debacle...

I 3rd the Barracuda and the Mo....friends will be kicking each other aside to be the one to help you out. And I'm still laughing at "where in the hell is my wife"....LOVE IT.

Katie A. said...

Ugh Marci, I'm in your boat! Total sticker shock over wedding prices. It's insane. Hey, look at it this way, though: even if something goes wrong, you'll still be MARRIED, right? That's the end goal, so as long as that happens, the day is going to be a total success in my book.

Anonymous said...

PS I still want to hear one of your fictional stories.

monkers27 said...

I can see jonathan 20 years from now still laughing every time he yells "where the hell is my wife"