Friday, August 8, 2008

Delight in the rain

We had one of those summer pop up storms last night. The kind where it is pouring at my office but not a drop of rain fell on my brown, neglected, dehydrated lawn.

I ran to my car, getting soaked on the way. After spending a half an hour to get less than a mile, I reached the highway. This was my view.

The rainbow put a smile on my face. It helped me forget the rain and traffic. Mind you, the other drivers were probably PISSED that I slowed down to stick my camera out the window. Instead, I'm hoping they took the opportunity as I was to take some delight in the rain.


Mo said...

Great pics Marse. (The only way to spell your damn nickname.) That rainbow looks delicious. I want to EAT IT. Yummers.

Rianne said...

People should read this.