Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Franklin, my first kid

I love my fluffy cat - he will most likely be the topic of many posts. He is a large cat - close to 15 pounds, but not fat - just big.

Franklin loves foot pets. He will follow Jonathan around the house and flop on top of Jonathan's feet as soon as he reaches his destination. The flop is as much a description of his movement as a sound he makes when he does it. He will drop so hard that sometimes he grunts as he hits the ground.

Almost weekly Jonathan and I come up with new names for Franklin (who we really should have named Buddy because that's what I typically call him).

Most recent nicknames for Franklin:
Number 2 (like the pencil)
Fluffer-nutter (cause he's fluffy)

Franklin often claims things for his own and we find him too cute to deprive him.
Things the cat has claimed:

A piece of luggage that lays on its side in our bedroom. I arrived home from a trip and unpacked the contents of the suitcase but did not put it away. Two seconds later he was tentatively testing the structure for support. It became his favorite spot. Franklin loves the way the closed, empty suitcase gives slightly when he lays on top of it.

His busket - this is a storage container that we aptly named his busket (cross between a basket and bucket) The interesting thing about this storage container is that it is rather small for a cat of his size. When he curls up inside of it, it looks like someone poured butterscotch fluff into the container - SO CUTE.

His water bottle - So the vet told me long ago that boy cats do not typically drink enough water. Franklin is a typical cat in that regard. He will not drink out of a bowl. The vet technician gave me a tip - try one of those bottles used to feed gerbils. I bought one at my next trip to the pet store. Jonny engineered a way for it to hang in the kitchen, where it stays today. He (Franklin, not Jonathan) often sits in front of it and meows for us to help him (we squeeze the bottle so the water comes out more quickly). He can get the water just as well on his own but prefers we sit there and squeeze it for him - we typically do not.

So that's a little about my first kid.

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