Wednesday, February 13, 2008

About me

To know about me, you have to know about my family. I have two sisters that are near and dear to my heart, my parents that I can't believe survived raising three girls, a fabulous boyfriend who you'll hear more about, a cat that acts like a dog, and a dog that doesn't know the meaning of 'easy'.

What are my interests? - Photography, food, travel, a good book

What do I do? - I work full time in the marketing/ad industry while going to graduate school for my MBA.

Where am I? - Where it's so gray, I have to take vitamin D to get my daily dose of sunlight. OK, maybe its not always gray here, but its February and spring can't arrive fast enough.

Why am I blogging? - Looking for a creative outlet, I guess.

What else? - You want to know? Email me and I'll post it.

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