Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Very Short Stories - 2


Once upon a time in a beautiful land there was a frog named Gilbert. Gilbert was a sad frog. No one know how Gilbert could ever be sad in such a beautiful land. The land was so beautiful that there was at least one rainbow everyday. The rivers were clear and the foliage was lush. There wasn't any decay to be found.

Gilbert's friends, Hoppy the bunny, and Frankie the Fox, did not understand Gilberts depression. They were so happy in the beautiful land that they didn't know what could possibly make Gilbert sad.

Frankie was so frustrated with Gilbert's mood that one day he laid his droppings right by Gilbert's pond. He ran off to tell Hoppy what he did.

Hoppy yelled at Frankie for being so insensitive, even though that is how foxes can be. Hoppy hopped off to check on Gilbert, expecting to find him is a deep depression.

To Hoppy's surprise, Gilbert was jumping from lily pad to lily pad with more joy than anyone had ever seen him exhibit.

"Why Gilbert, what has gotten into you?" Hoppy yelled in delight.
"Flies" He reply and hopped up to swallow another morsel.
"Well who knew?" said Hoppy and went to tell Frankie the good news.

They all lived happily ever after in a not so beautiful land.

What is the moral of this story?

When your friend is sad, poop on their doorstep and everything will be ok.

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