Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Happy Fourth of July!

I just reread my last blog post and it was kinda a downer. I was just getting over being sick. Hey, we all have those days/weeks.

Time for some more positivity! Today (Wednesday) is my Friday! And it's a long, holiday weekend!!

We are hosting our 8th(?) annual Fourth of July party on Friday and It may be the last one at our current house. I'm not necessarily sad about that, more nostalgic. Believe me, I'm looking forward to hosting the party in a house where more than three people can stand in the kitchen and we have a place indoors to place all the food. I am unsure that the next house and future neighbors will be as accommodating to our HUGE and probably illegal fireworks display, home run derby competition, and general mayhem that the party stirs up.

In the sense of nostalgia, there are a couple of fourth of July events that make me smile when I think about them:

Friends of ours that met at our party, and are now getting married this year ON THE FOURTH.
There were a couple years that we had Uncle Jack and Cousin Brad DJ - It was awesome.
There was the giga-ball that didn't make it through the night....
Last year was the epic ping-pong battle IN THE RAIN. The boys brought the table outside into the driveway. The BAC (Big Ass Canopy) died trying to keep it dry. The boys blared the music from the dry sanctuary of the window and played until the sun came up - literally. You should have seen the look on Caroline's face when she woke up and saw some of the boys sleeping on the couch.
We had a neighbor very angry with us over the use of fireworks. Hubs made it better with a hug.
Then there was the year we had the Eisels, minus their eldest who was at camp, all spend the night. 
And we've had all kinds of weather- Dry and hot, hot and wet, intermittently storming and just overall downpours. This year might be the best year yet - dry and mild.

Here's to another Fourth of July celebration.

FYI - look how big the girls are getting!!

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Is MJ throwing up a gang sign?