Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dear Maggie

You are growing too fast. How in the world are you seven months already? You are growing like a weed. At your 6 month appointment the pediatrician said you were in the 98th percentile in height. What the what? We’ve started calling you Big Baby, affectionately of course. 

The other night you weren’t sleeping well (I didn’t know it then but you were developing a nasty case of pink eye). I pulled you from your crib to rock you back to sleep. I am always conflicted when I pull you out of your crib. I want you to develop good sleep habits, but selfishly I just want to rock you all night long. That night I did pull you out and settle into the worn rocking chair. It took a couple readjustments, but your head finally found comfort on my chest. Oh sweet girl, how I love those moments. 

As I rocked with you quietly in the dark, I was grateful for that chair. It has seen many long nights. It was your Aunt Jenna’s chair that she graciously handed down to me when Caroline was on her way. Your cousins helped soften that chair. So much so, we had to add another cushion to the seat. I rocked some more, reflecting on how lucky I am to be able to hold you close. 

You are such a good baby. Everyone always comments on your generous smiles. The best smiles are when your get so excited that your eyes almost disappear. You bring such joy that I can begrudgingly forgive you for not sleeping through the night. I’ll gladly sacrifice an hour of sleep for a midnight expression of joy. 

Caroline has taken to you in the most amusing way. One particular example was when you fell asleep in the car. I lugged the entire seat to our final destination so as not to wake you. I have no idea how long you were awake, but when your sister noticed, she announced it with FANFARE. 
“MAGGIE’S AWAKE” she exclaimed waving her hands in the direction of the car seat. She continued repeating it until every adult took notice.

I spend too much of my day worried that it is all happening too fast and it is too good to be true. Like your Bubby once said to me, promise me you’ll never grow up!

You can start sleeping for an 8-10 hour stretch though. I’d be ok with that…

Love, Your momma

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Hubs said...

Big Baby...the BEST baby