Friday, September 13, 2013

Birthday booby traps

So Hubs birthday was this week. Since we are preparing for the upcoming increase in daycare care expenses, we’ve been tightening the belt on the budget. In other words, I was looking for some inexpensive FREE ways to show Hubs how much we love and appreciate him on his birthday. I decided that I’d leave little happy birthday love notes in all the places I expected him to be that day. Some were in expected places, in his laptop, in his day planner and on Caroline’s desk. One was not. I read somewhere about hiding notes in the toilet paper role. This seemed like the MOST unexpected and I HAD to do this. So I cut up a green index card into three pieces that read 1)HAPPY 2)BIRTHDAY 3)POOPY PANTS and placed them progressively through the toilet paper role so they would pop out as he was grabbing for some. I really didn’t see how this could go wrong….

I called hubs later in the morning to wish him a happy birthday. The first thing he said to me was “I have pee all over my hands”. I was very confused and didn’t know if my first reaction should be WHY or GO WASH YOUR HANDS. I know him better than to think he didn’t wash his hands immediately. He was just making a point, so I went with, “WHY? You don’t use toilet paper when you pee!” I may have grown up with all girls, but 5 years of marriage have taught me that much.
Then he relays what he has now called “the birthday booby trap”. 

He was taking his morning leak and had to blow his nose. He unrolled some toilet paper and green pieces of paper flew right into the pee-filled toilet. His immediate reaction was to try and salvage the green pieces of paper. What if they were clues to an elaborate birthday scavenger hunt? (Side note, why didn’t I think to do a SCAVENGER HUNT?) He tried to quickly grab the possibly important papers before they became completely submerged in pee, failing in the process. Once thoroughly disgusted he discovered they were just happy birthday notes and not important enough to stick his fingers into the dirty toilet.

As he is relaying the story, I’m laughing hysterically. So he thanked me for the birthday booby trap and is now excited to execute one on me in March.


Mandy Terrett said...

HAHA!! You planned that perfectly!

Linda said...

I'm laughing out loud like an work. Love this.