Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy Friday

Good Morning my lovelies. I'm very happy that it's FRIDAY. I was thinking about what I could post today, but I don't have much new to report. I'll just give you all a little update on all the family members.

Baby Girl fought a pretty high fever this week. Don't worry she won! Couple that nasty fever, over 102 degrees, with some pretty aggressive teething and she's sleeping 13 hours a night. This morning I went in her room and found her gnawing on the side of the crib. She is exclusively walking now and we've discovered that she needs to be in shoes or bare feet. The socks and feety PJ's make her slippery and wobbly considering the hardwood floors.

SammySoSo is feeling the effects of cabin fever AND attention deprivation. I tried to warn her that this would happen, but she didn't seem to remember. She has taken this frustration out on a couple of Caroline's toys. One being a wooden puzzle of the letters that make up Caroline's name. I came home to discover the "L" now resembles an "I"  and had to clean up tiny splinters that were scattered around. I guess I should expect this. I remember many a barbie and ken doll from our childhood ending up in pieces in the yard thanks to Max.

Franklin has really become something of an escape artist. I guess the cabin fever has gotten to him as well. Last night we were watching TV when we heard something. Hubs and I paused the TV twice to try and identify the noise. Hubs looked out the front door to see Franklin scratching at the door to come in. Neither of us saw him get out. He must have been out there for a good couple hours. Once inside he was purring like crazy and rubbing on everything, his way of telling us how happy he was to get out of the house. And probably just as happy that we let him back in.

All of the kids are getting along well together. Caroline has almost mastered shielding herself from Sammy's tail. It is right about face height right now. She gets a kick out of Franklin and tries to pet him. We are trying to teach her to stroke the cat and not pat him like the dog. Despite our efforts, we still find her smiling with a big tuft of cat fur.

Me and Hubs are tyring to overcome the cabin fever too, but the weather isn't helping. I can't wait to throw open all the windows and do some SERIOUS spring cleaning. In the meantime, lots of TV and crocheting.
No Etsy sales to report yet.  Maybe if I could get some cute babies models, it will help.

How are things in your world?

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