Thursday, January 31, 2013

Littlebit Handmade

It’s official, I’m suffering from the Jan/Feb gray doldrums. I am bored, tired of the dark and annoyed that I only have an hour or two with my baby girl each night. Plus Hubby is working extra hard to bring home the bacon – and boy do we love bacon!

So guess what. I’ve decided to take on a project! It’s the perfect thing to keep me busy each night with the baby girl snug in her bed, TV droning in the background and the animals hibernating the winter away. I’m opening an Etsy store where I will sell the lovely crochet baby hats I’ve been whipping up.

All this time I’ve been making crochet blankets that take months on end to complete when these beanies can be whipped up in one night. What was I thinking?

Of course I’m only preparing for the inevitable success and overwhelming consumer demand for my handmade wares once I flip the switch on the open sign. I’m so prepared that I’ve even started to think how I’m going to package these little hats. One of the reasons I love Etsy SO MUCH is that everything I order is packaged with such detail. Sometimes the packaging is as valuable as the item I ordered. I want my customers to have that same experience. What will the packaging look like? You’ll have to order to find out.

Oh and in real life I’m in Marketing. Thankfully that career has connected me to some wicked talented people. Lucky me, one of those artisans helped me out with a banner for my new shop.

I hope to have it open next week. The opening is dependant on getting good product shots this weekend which requires a cooperative baby girl and good lighting. I will be sure to announce the grand opening via many social media outlets. Also, I have high expectations that each of you will pimp my wares.

One of the hats that will be for sale:


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Yay! It's official -- you announced it on The Internet