Friday, October 12, 2012


So a couple of weekends ago we spent the afternoon at the park. I kept saying, why haven't we been doing this all summer???

Then I remember that I'm a working Mom and most weekends are spent full of family events, grocery shopping, laundry and other homemaker obligations.

We had a great time at the park. I got a chance to snapped some pics with my new hand-me-down camera, or as my photography benfactor would say, Ca-mah-rah.

Please note the hat. This hat was the FIRST baby gift we recieved. It is for a newborn. We had not yet purchased appropriatly sized winter accesories and it was chilly. In lui of her being cold, we shoved her into a newborn hat. Once we had the hat on securely, we both assesed that she looked like the cutest little burgler.

This photo is evidence that our burgler had a partner in crime

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Anonymous said...

My little burglar! Or Hipster. Either or. Pictures turned out fantastic!