Wednesday, December 21, 2011

BabyBit's Nursery

So I’m not quite complete on the nursery, but I keep meaning to show it to you. If I wait until it is complete, babybit will be 10 years old by then.

This room was our guest bedroom so fair warning to any future guests, you will now have to sleep on the couch. Due to tax reasons, we have to keep the Den/office an actual work area so that room was off limits for sleeping accommodations.

I don’t really have any before pictures, more just in-progress after we emptied out the room and were trying out paint colors. 

Room prep/progress
nursery before
I knew I didn’t really want to do pastel pink and blue, or even green and brown (which has become the go-to gender-neutral colors). My goal was to do primary colors without being over the top. Its funny how the mood board originally created looks nothing like the end result. No matter, I’m VERY happy with the results. The baby blanket I made was really the color palatte I tried to stick to.

Baby Blanket Color Pallate

We chose a rich honey butter color to paint the walls. Side note – make sure the home improvement store properly mixes the paint when you buy it. We circled the room before we noticed that all the pigment was at the top of the can. As you can see we had two different colors where the gallon started and finished. A second coat fixed that problem though.

Paint Fail
paint fail
As soon as I showed Aunt Biscuit my idea for the alphabet letters, she requested that she take on that project. Considering how juvenile my craft projects typically turn out and what great style she has, I was happy to let her take it on. I wasn’t allowed to see the letters until they were complete. They are awesome. It took me too long to hang them on the wall and as you can see I eyeballed it when hanging them. Some are closer together than others and crooked but ce la vie.

Alphabet Wall

I’m actually surprised at how inexpensively we decorated the room, thanks to all the donations. The dresser and mirror were in the room already. I just re purposed them with white paint. The other furniture was all hand-me-downs (rocker from SIL, pillow made by Momma T, crib from co-worker, and changing table from a friend). The lamps were craigslist finds that were painted. The rug was on sale at Menards (where you can save big money, by the way).

Dresser and Mirror

Crib and Alphabet (please ignore all the clutter that I don't know where to store)

Changing table and Rocker (imagine white storage cabinet above the changing table)

As you can tell, space is a premium in the room – already storing things under the crib and where ever we can find room. There are a couple of remaining items, including shelves/storage over the changing table.
Only 4 days until the due date - Merry Christmas from BIGbit


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