Friday, October 28, 2011


On Being Pregnant:
Well only two more months to go! You know what that means for YOU right? Christmas is only a short 8 weeks away. Better start shopping.
For me, it means bending over has become almost impossible. I try to explain it like this - I have a basketball attached to my waist. It's not like fat because that would smush and move to the side. I bend over and the basketball pushes inward on my lungs and internal organs. I've gotten to the point where I get really mad when i drop something. I'm even tempted to just walk away from it, but there is a part of my dad in me that can't stand knowing that paper towel is just cluttering the floor . Side note, leave open a cupboard or closet door at my parents house and see how long it remains unnecessarily ajar.

I'm taking pre-natal yoga, which I love. I'm tired more often but every day is different. Most of the mirrors in the house are from the chest up so my only indication of how pregnant I look is gauged by the number of times strangers ask "When are you due". I know it's a bad outfit when someone says, "Why are you still working". Umm yeah, TWO MONTHS LEFT.

Baby Bit moves all the time, though mostly between 8 and 10 pm. Now that there is limited room for the squirmer, the kick/punch combos tend to land squarely on my bladder, ribs and/or internal organs. While sometimes painful, I love knowing that everything is ok and he/she's moving!

On my new niece and my new sister-momma:
Quinn and Momma are doing good. Meg has been helping set realistic expectations for me of what the first month with a newborn is really like. Quinn is already proving to be a beauty like her mother, wide-eyed and attentive for her first photo shoot. Q's first formal social outing will be my baby shower and I almost can't wait that long to see her again!

On the nursery:
Well the furniture is finally painted and reassembled. This weekend Hubs and I will be painting the room. It will feel much more complete once we have that done. I took some before pictures so once I have all the pieces and parts I can share.The bedding is on its way. I still need to figure out what to do about shelves, a rug and curtains (not sure if the current ones will work or not). I'm glad I have that to keep me busy because I don't have much else to do but wait. And I'm not very good at the waiting.

On the animals:
Both Franklin and Sammy are curious about all the work going on in the old guest bedroom/new nursery. The door remains shut to keep out unwanted animal hair! When the door is opened, sure enough I find Franklin sneaking in to smell everything. He knows he's not supposed to be in there because the minute I say "What are you doing" he looks up at me sheepishly and runs out of the room. Other than the room, they are oblivious. Franklin enjoys my frequent trips to the bathroom, which he considers his room. We've since taken to calling the bathroom the cat's office.

Oh and because we need to make sure we know what we're doing, we did have to test out our diaper skills. Diaper trial.
He puts up with a lot!

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