Friday, June 18, 2010

Difficult Rite of Passage

It was two weekends ago that Biscuit, Husband and I went boating and camping in Cumberland. This was a big trip, not only did we camp, we brought Sammy, AND it was our first time taking the boat out without Padre. We might have taken on too much.

In between the laughter, swimming, cooking and eating, there were definitely arguments and tension. Luckily there weren't too many people around as I tried to back the trailer into the water for the first time. Husband was screaming directions, I was telling him to shut up and Biscuit was on the verge of an anxiety attack because of it all. Once we got her safely in the water, we were all ready for a cigarette and a stiff drink. 

The whole trip was a rite of passage that Biscuit and I took very seriously, titling our trip "Women's Empowerment Weekend". We didn't tell Husband this until we were already there. He didn't like that too much...

We had a great time but I think Sammy had the most fun. She slept for a week straight afterwards.

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The Good Cook said...

But you did it!!! yeah woman power!! The first time my sisters and I packed up and went to my dad's hunting cabin all alone we were scared out of our minds.. but we hauled water, built fires and were not attacked by wild animals. It was empowering.. and just like Sammy we all slept for a week after that!

Linda said...

That is girl power! Also I just need to tell you how much I love that damn dog of yours.