Friday, May 28, 2010

Emerald City

Following two straight weeks of Seattle-esque gray rainy weather, we’ve finally been blessed with almost a week straight of sun. It may be a little hotter than a typical May, but I will be the last one to complain. My beloved summer has returned to me. Let the celebration commence.

This was one of the nice surprises I found last weekend in the lilac bush. The momma was squawking up a storm as I tried to take this picture...
Picture 012

My peonies have been exploding like the fourth of July. Because their glory is so short lived, I’ve cut stems and transplanted them all over the house. Once I felt like enough of the outside was inspiring me inside, I moved on to sow seeds for a bountiful summer. Look at the peaches already growing on Burt!

Last year I underestimated the space I’d need for my vegetable bed. This year I doubled it. I love yard work, tilling the dark wet soil, the sun warming my shoulders, and my puppy lounging in the shade nearby. Sammy even had a new neighbor dog to keep her company.

Meet Maggie - isn't she cute.

When the soil was loose and it was time to relocate my seedlings, I realized my ambition at the store was more than my new vegetable garden could contain. I had the following:
2 heirloom tomato plants
3 varieties of peppers (golden bell, chili and jalapeno)
3 broccoli
3 cucumbers
1 zucchini
1 strawberry

The end result is that the tomatoes peppers and broccoli plants ended up in the bed. The zucchini, cucumbers and strawberries will be my first attempt at container gardening.
With the initial hard work completed, I can focus on relaxing on the deck with a glass of wine.

If my harvest yields like I expect it to, I plan on cooking up many good things. I might even try my hand at pickles to make some of it last until winter (just typing the word makes me shiver – yuck winter)

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