Friday, April 30, 2010

One Expensive Gift Basket

It is one month shy of Shi-shi’s 5th year with me (Shi-shi, the Mitsubishi that is). I never really liked shi-shi much. It was probably all due to the series of tragic events that occurred, resulting in my needing to buy a new car.

But still, my issues aside, she kept me safe, warm and mobile for many years, through many seasons and road trips. Even Sammy couldn’t break her.
Last night as I transferred 5 years worth of junk from her trunk to the trunk of my new yet-to-be-named vehicle, I felt a little sadness.

Only a little sadness though. I stepped back and admired my new vehicle, the moonlight reflecting on the black exterior, the warmth of the buttery leather seats inviting me in, the pride of the deal I secured….I think angels broke into song at that moment.

As I started to leave, the salesmen handed me a gift basket as a thank you. Right there with that little gift, he just put the cherry on top of my happiness, named my blog post, and put the final nail in shi-shi’s coffin.


The Good Cook said...

What kind of car did you get? And wow, a gift basket? I need a new car dealer, all I ever get is the keys.

Mandy Terrett said...

This post makes me very sad for shi-shi. Tell me that someone will love her!

Marci said...

Mandy, she knew you loved her! She will make a great car for someone new. Someone without all my emotional baggage.

I got a used (new to me) Acura RDX.

mark said...

And you look so good in it!