Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dreaming of sugarplums, doughnuts and baked goods

So in an attempt to shed some pounds, I’ve been eating less sugar. It’s been working so far. The only problem is that I dream about sweet baked goods-warm Krispy Kremes, pancakes smothered in warm maple syrup, or the ultimate, moist chocolate cake with buttermilk chocolate icing. At the grocery store, I find myself standing comatose in front of the bakery case.

The only way I am able to survive is to indulge that desire every once in a while. The danger is that indulging can quickly turn to binging.
To deal with my raging, all consuming sweet tooth, I’ve decided to make something myself. It needed to have some sugar to calm the craving while still keeping the diet in the driver’s seat.

From my FAVORITE cookbook, Thank you Ellie Krieger, I found a Ricotta cheesecake recipe, where I cut some of the sugar with Splenda. For the topping, balsamic vinegar cooked down to a syrup and tossed with ripe red strawberries. It turned out great!

Picture 047

Here’s hoping I can hold off the sugar beast at least until my birthday when I plan on binging on whatever delicacy Monkers cooks up.


The Good Cook said...

Wait a minute... where's the recipe? I love balsamic vinegar and strawberries... who would of thought they would pair so nicely together.

Marci said...

I have to defer to Ellie Krieger for the recipe.

I LOVE her cookbook. For the topping I just cooked down the balsalmic until it was the consistency I wanted and added in the strawberries for the last minute or so to soften them.


Mandy Terrett said...

yum!!!! I need that!